Wednesday, January 20, 2010


after my crucial exam time, at last, i can open these stuff in indo..
so glad to be back.... tho still got statistic report to do... arghhh sucksss
happy holidays!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

hell-like life will begin!!

the days of our lives r getting darker n darker since exams r coming n it's like the crucial time of this semester. if we fail this semester, we will have 5th year of undergraduate. arghhhhh!!!! cross fingers so that it won't happen to any of us...
december is gonna be a busy month n our place of studying will be between the bridge, coffee bean tree, library or empty classes in campus for self-study... but since bridge is very full nowadays, i think we need to explore n find another place to study.
i think not all ppl can understand the life of ours here.. n some ppl don't believe that we r this busy..
no offense to other unis, but u won't know unless u r studyin in pku.
novi is da first one who understood how crazy we will become when exam time comes.
later on, albert became a part of us who thinks exam time is just like moment of comitting suicides.
yoko was there too n he also couldn't get the way we studied but then he knows now that it's a must for us to study like that. the chinese r even worse than us. they started studying like a lot sooner than us...

good luck for everyone.. hope u guys all can pass exams

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

some kinda of cookies dat looked attractive but dunno how it tastes

home-made choco mud cake

macaroni schotel(baked)

sweet potato with marshmallow casserole

fried meatballs (ibu handmade)
along with dede n yoko frying it n wen2 making meatballs round
salad with curly pasta

creamed corn(left), mashed potato(right)

grilled chicken massacre(LOL)

da pictures of food shown above (except for the piggy n shell cookies) were da food made by us (except for da chicken) celebrating for thanksgiving. even tho it's not our tradition, dede suggested to me to have a thanksgiving dinner. n since thursday is a working day n other ppl wouldn't be able to have dinner together, we decided to move it to saturday night. da food were plenty. we couldn't even finish it. we thought it was gonna be not enough but it turned out that it was more than enough.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


for everyone who watched this movie when u were a kid.
i bet u all know bout this song.. dubbed in indonesian. ahahahahhaa

a very sunnyyy day!!

at last half of assignments r done. but still, i still have 2 to do.
i saw an ad yesterday that i found it very unique. it's a plastic wrap ad. da fish is wrapped so tight that it can sleep well. hahahaa

menu for today's dinner was pork ribs... yummmmm... homemade...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

all bout "u r beautiful"

shinwoo rocks!!! jeong yong hwa~~~~


at last... gaptek gua ini...
bs diatasi jg...
here is da video of adam lambert. ost 2012.. i know he's gonna make a hit.. ahhahahhaa